Always Save.. we do!

Money is tight right now.. With the Hubby having to miss hours the last few weeks, there is nothing left after bills. Since we are coming up on the end of the month, groceries are also running short. After pulling some cash together, my husband and I headed to the store. We may have only been shopping for next week (Fridays are paydays) but we shopped smart and we managed to bring home more than 5 bags of groceries home and only spent $30!

We are lucky to have a store in town that carries Always Save. It may not always be the best flavor, but you really do always SAVE! Mac`n`cheese was 35 cents a box! A box of saltines… 99 cents! Box of mini cookies for my kiddies taste buds.. $1.59. Tomato soup.. 59 cents. Of course there are tons of different items that Always Save has to offer. The Mac`n`cheese  is really the only thing that we can taste the difference in but it’s not bad, especially when you need to save some cash!

Plus.. I ALWAYS stop by the $1 isle! Today we grabbed chocolate poptarts ^_^ I don’t know if your store has a $1 section, but ours does! It’s a small section, but it offers all kinds of goodies! From jelly, spaghetti sauce and juice to sandwich bags, chips and noodles! All only $1! (Which just happens to be one of my favorite prices!!)

Our little town store (Country Mart) can’t ever decide on meat prices! lol They just bounce all around. So every trip we make, we go by to see if there are any deals (we have a deep freeze, so we stock up on meat when we find some at great prices!). Today we were lucky enough to find smoked sausage for $1, small but thick pork chops at a decent price (our 4 cost us $2.90) and a reasonable priced pound of hamburger. Today wasn’t the day to stock up, so we just bought a few items for variety in this week’s menu.

So today’s trip brought us a nice selection of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to last us through next week!



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