What we did on a Saturday

My mom works for McRentals, and today was their 2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Day. So, after breakfast and quick chores, we headed up to Amma’s (as the kids call her) work. We got free lunch while we were there! YAY! Hanging out with the family was nice and the weather actually behaved enough to enjoy a little outside time! It was breezy, and the breeze was chilly,  but other than that, it was nice.

When nap time rolled around, we stole our niece and brought her over for a play date! She had a lot of fun playing with the kids (after naps, of course, except that she didn’t take one..) and it was nice for the kids to have play time with their cousin.

Dinner turned out to be delightful!! I had roast cooking most of the day and the whole house smelled delish! We enjoyed a little DVR’ed Let’s Make A Deal (which has become a dinnertime favorite. YES that’s right.. we eat in front of the tv, together, and decide who would have won the most stuff! lol). The kids actually ate, so we rewarded them with half price shakes from Sonic! Now, with our oldest reading a book to the younger kiddos and my husband finishing up his “gaming time”, we will cuddle together on the couch and watch a movie. It should be bedtime (8 is the usual and it’s 9 now) but it’s Summer, although the weather would tell you it’s not, and it’s a Saturday and I say YAY for cuddling!! ^_^

There isn’t, much to do in our town.. but at least we have family and each other to occupy the hours! 


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