Sunday Service

As much as I want to attend Church on Sundays.. I cannot. I do not hear anything the pastor is saying because I’m continually worrying that my kids are too loud, maybe they are disturbing everyone, will they kick us out? And even though I’m told how well behaved they are and how it’s not a bother and that everyone understands, they are just glad we are there… I still earn nothing, nor do I feel enlightened afterward.

Well this year, during AWANA (a kids evening program during the school year) they offered an adult study group as well. This was the perfect way for me to get in touch with God and learn! My kids were doing their Church activities (or at home, for the youngest) and I could give my complete attention. It was great.

Well.. summer is here and there is no AWANA. They had an adult study and I attended 2 of the 4 classes, and there will be another study towards the end of August, but that doesn’t help with the fact that I’m not attending Church. But I have come up with a plan (and it’s working!! ^_^)

The thrift store in town had a complete set of “The Children’s Bible” from Golden. I looked t them and thought.. “I could use these!” and for only $1.20 for the 12 volumes, I could NOT pass them up! So, I thought about the kids, and what they liked about Church. The Pastor always does a short story time with the kids, which they are always excited about. Coloring. They all love to color. Ok. Plan Made! I will read 1 story every Sunday and will reward their listening and participation with a corresponding coloring page! Brilliant!

I was so happy with this idea, that I told my pastor and my study teacher and they were so proud and happy, that it made it so much better! And so it began!

The first Sunday was a little rough, because the kids didn’t know what to expect (I didn’t either). I made the mistake of giving them the coloring page after each Day (we were studying Creation and each child had 2 days, and I have the 7th) we talked about. Well.. they lost interest in listening. Sunday #2 was better, because they knew what to expect (I knew what NOT to do) and it was successful!

Today is our 4th “Sunday Service”. We started at the beginning (because is there a better place to start?) and today is Noah’s Ark. I googled “Noah’s Ark Coloring Pages” and chose this one! (from Image

So, we will sit down, say a prayer, read the story of Noah, discuss, color. This is our Sunday Service ^_^


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