Happy Trails

The weather is wonderful today! Unfortunately, it’s still muddy and yucky in our back yard 😦 So I decided to take the kids on a little bike ride on the “new” walking trail. Our town added to the existing walking trail a while ago and they have yet to ride their bikes on it, so this was “way cool” according to my kiddos ^_^

So I packed a small lunch, a bottle of water, the bikes, the kids and Tippa, the dog and off we went. The kids were so happy to be outside and able to be loud and go instead of being stuck inside where it’s too small to be too loud. They took off fast and laughed and smiled. It was great to see them so happy and having fun. I snapped some pictures (of course!) and enjoyed a little walk with Tippa. The trail was beautiful and it the weather was absolutely perfect.

My oldest daughter, K, found a baby frog. She insisted that we catch it and bring it home. So she chased after the little jumper and finally caught it! I decided it wouldn’t be too bad to bring it home and keep it in my mom’s old aquarium, if only for a few days. So, we walked (and rode) a little while longer before turning around to head back to the car to go get the frog’s new home.

However, as soon as I put it in a cup, it jumped out! Even though I stuffed the cup with a twig covered in leaves, that darn little jumper was out of that cup and lost. K started crying. I told her it was ok and that we could probably find one (or more) at our house. So, with a sad heart, she buckled up and we headed home.

We tried to spend some time outside, but the back yard just wasn’t play-friendly yet. So i drained the kids’ pool (yuck after all the storms we’ve had) and brought the kiddos inside for lunch (we weren’t bike riding long, so we didn’t eat it at the trail).

So while they eat and enjoy a little cartoons, I think I will search for something crafty to do. ^_^

OH! Here is our frog friend!



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