Not all days are grand

Today there were no art projects. No cuddle time on the couch or picnic lunches. No impromtu dance parties or tea parties nor another kind of parties… Today was just.. GRRRRRAHHH!! (which is Mother for “I wanted to pull every single hair out of my head while punching someone in the face and slipping the kids benadryl so they will be quiet for more than 2 seconds”)

I don’t want to sit here and relive every minute of it.. that would just be too painful and might give me nightmares! (ok.. not really..) It was just one of those days that if someone would have given me the correct information when I first called… this whole day would have went completely different. C’est la vie…

The kids are in moods. I know it’s because for the past 9 months, they have had a solid schedule, that barely differed day to day (SCHOOL), and now.. here they sit. In the house.. no recess or friends.. nothing to keep them busy. And the weather has nearly trapped them in the house. They don’t want to play with toys or color or, for the sake of Mommy’s sanity, play nicely and quietly together.. they want to be LOUD and RAMBUNCTIOUS and Mommy just doesn’t know how to make the quiet play time seem more enticing than all the noisy play. 😦

Mix their unspent energy with a 30 minute car ride, topped by 3 hours of shopping.. yeah.. YIKES! *huge sigh* I’m just plumb worn out from it, truly.

And, a nice, sweet cherry for the top of all this goodness.. my son has learned the phrase “I CAN’T. (crying, scratching my fingers down my face and screaming like you see in cartoons)

I couldn’t even end the day right! There was a “tiff” between Hubby and me… trying to recover from not being home all day meant no time for him and I before bed.. and late naps equaled bedtime trouble..  (another huge sigh.. this time.. there’s almost tears)

All I can do is say a pray to the Lord and hope for a better tomorrow.

Although, I must say.. it wasn’t all bad. The “problem” fixed itself nicely, I got to see my family for a little while and nearly the whole day was spent with my very dear friend. Getting to spend much needed time with her would be my silver lining in this gray cloud of a day.


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