Morning Success

Sorry Friends! I know it’s been almost a week (YIKES!) since my last post, but I have been busy, sick with allergies and just plain pooped out! So tonight, I’m playing catch up ^_^

A few weeks ago, I had a small, teeny-weeny break down to Hubby. I told him that I was feeling like a failure because every thing I start,I never finish. Losing Weight. Saving Money. Keeping a clean house. Making the changes in me I want to make. I always start off strong, fully confident, ready to take charge. And it lasts… a week, maybe 2, and then something happens, and it’s all out of control again. So, I couldn’t take it any longer. I cried it all out to Hubby.

He told me to start off small. 1 maybe 2 “goals” for a month. Make it a habit. Then, start on another one. I described to him the way I see my mornings going. Wake up with the kids. Breakfast at the table. Dishes while they eat. Cartoons for the kids, laundry for me. There you have it, the impossible for me. So, Hubby said Perfect! Start there! So I did.

It has been 2 weeks (tomorrow starts week 3) and I haven’t missed a day! Even today, when I woke up feeling sick and grumpy and Hubby let me “hid out” in the bedroom until 10am. I got up and did the dishes and started laundry. Yay me!

I love the feeling of knowing throughout the day those chores are done. Most of the time, I can just rinse the newly dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher, so at night I run it and in the morning, I just have to empty the dishwasher. And for the laundry, I will start a new load in the morning and then put the dry clothes away a little later. It’s working really well!

I feel so good when I tell Hubby “I did the routine today!” He gets so proud and that makes me feel even better. Plus, I have less to worry about during the day and more time and energy for the kiddos!

To add to the greatness, since I have the morning routine going, it’s easier for me to do some picking up through the day, because I haven’t spent all my energy just thinking about all the stuff I need to get done during the day. It’s all around a great thing! ^_^

Since my kitchen is nice and clean nearly all the time now, I’m more motivated to cook! I’ve started baking from scratch! I have been experimenting with flavors with dinner. Just the other night I made fish and chips. Hand breaded fish, hand cut potatoes. It was like someone else was cooking. I think the kids enjoy it and I know it makes me happier. Last night I made turkey meatballs and Hubby came up to me and asked “Whatcha making tonight?” With sincere interest and wonder. It made me incredibly happy because he didn’t just say “What’s for dinner?” or ask me how I was going to cook that, etc. I giggled and said “You’ll just have to wait and see” ^_^

Happy feels great ^_^


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