When it gets rough

My oldest had her tonsils out on Monday.  I was worried and anxious for the surgery to be done and over with. I had my tonsils out when I was about her age and had a horrible experience, which made me afraid she was going to as well.

Surgery went fine (just as I was told it would) and she recovered well so we were on our way home within a couple hours.  It’s been tough the last few days because I hate seeing her in pain. She just sits around looking sleepy and hurting and it drives me mad. I just want to make her HER again. I know that I have to wait it out, but it’s rough.

To top off the roughness, my younger 2 kids are not understanding why it’s ok that Sissy eat ice cream and pudding all the time… and they can’t.  So they are a bit ornery. They are just young and don’t understand. So, this morning, after breakfast, I gave K (my oldest) ice cream. When A (my youngest) asked for some, I thought..you know what? Why not? So I gave her a little bowl to give to  M (my son) and a little bowl for her.

Sometimes, you just have to leave the norm behind and find what fits for your family. Giving the 3 younger kids ice cream after they had breakfast did nothing to hurt them, nor did the ice cream replace breakfast, so I went with it! The kids enjoyed eating ice cream while watching morning cartoons, and they didn’t complain the next time K got her ice cream. So for me.. it was a Win Win.

Of course on the days when K can’t play outside, or be left alone while I take the other kids out to play, the weather gets warm and sunny.  So this (late) morning, I put a blanket out on the front lawn  (freshly mowed by me ^_^ lol) and let K bring some books out and I played ball with M and K got to enjoy the breeze and sunshine. A had fallen asleep, so she was in her bed and we let the puppy run around for a little. It was nice, but soon K was just too tired and needed to go in. M didn’t complain at all, because he at least got to be outside for a little while.

Now, It’s K’s nap time and she is wanting her mommy. Even though it’s really rough right now, I enjoy being able to be there for her and hold her. I know one day.. she’ll be too old for me to curl up next to in my bed and rock her to sleep. Better enjoy this time, rough or easy.


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