Summer Dreams

This year, I had a Kindergartener, a preschooler, and a not-in-school-yet ^_^ So, as we started to count down the days until Summer, I realized I was just as excited about summer starting as they were. This would be my first official Summer Break. (K was in preschool lat year, but she only went 4 days a week and was only gone 5 hours.. so it wasn’t the same.)

I would spend time on Pinterest, finding neat ideas for craft projects and outdoor activities. I had visions of the kids all playing out back, running about and splashing in the water table. Me, lounging in my new lounge chair with a book and some kool-aid, snapping pictures – making sure to capture the wonder of a first summer. Ahh, the summer dreams.

So far.. this has happened 1 time.

As luck would have it, the weather has been terrible. Storms and rainy days have invaded our summer vacay and left a muddy backyard and sopping toys the kids can’t play on. The pool we’ve had for 3 years now, had a hole in it, so we drained it to repair it. The weather hadn’t allowed us to repair it yet, when a big tree branch nearly fell on it. So, we had to move it to ensure it’s safety. In doing this, we decided that we would buy a smaller pool this year, something easier to take care of, with less maintenance and an easier set up. But the new pool hasn’t even made it out of the van, because there’s been more storm and rain.

I completely spaced that K would need her tonsils out, so we lost a week (so far) due to her recovery. And wouldn’t you know… the weather cleared up for the first 3 days of her recovery.. of course it would! K wasn’t feel too bad one day, so I set up a sprinkler and she was able to walk around in it. We washed the car and enjoyed the sunshine.

We haven’t been able to take our summer walks to the park or library. No bike rides, no all day picnics, no long drives to the lake, no backyard camp outs…

And my new lounger.. isn’t even comfortable 😦 *sigh*

I was so looking forward to these summer dreams… and as I sit here, blogging and staring blankly out my front window, I think maybe that’s all they are.. dreams. I know that there is still all of July and at least part of August, but the summer seems to be slipping away. I’m saddened by this. Sure, we’ve done a few indoor crafts, but the kids are antsy to get their summer fun going! Summer is meant to be spent outside! Not inside, where they had to spend the last 5 months because the weather in Missouri has been out of control this year.

I so desperately want to take the kids to the city pool (even though we have our own) because it’s an adventure for them. Isn’t adventures what summer is all about? When the kids go back to school, aren’t they supposed to tell about the wonderful adventures they had during summer? How can I give them those adventures when I live in the middle of nowhere, so traveling costs a fortune (and we are some poor folks) and the weather keeps us in the house?! UGGGGGGGGHHH!!

I’ve been working on doing my chores first thing in the morning, while the kids are eating breakfast and enjoying some cartoons, so that I have my whole day to adventure with them.. and now that it’s working and I’m doing good… there’s no adventures to be had..




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