Fill ‘er Up!

Wednesday had been so nice outside, that I decided the pool had to go up. Only trouble was.. it was in the back on my van and I’m a weakling, so I couldn’t carry it around to the back yard. Frowny Face! So yesterday, I was determined! I am a full-grown woman! I don’t care how heavy it is, I will get this pool to the back and set it up!

I called my dad.

He came over and carried it to the back and together, we got it set up ^_^

Now, this isn’t just small bow up pool for the kids (obviously, I would have been able to carry that myself, I’m not that weak! lol). This is a 15ft round by 36in ceep pool for the whole family. So, I knew good and well that the pool would be filling up with water the whole day. In fact, it needs more water today! But that didn’t stop this momma!

The kids jumped in when it was barely over the tops of their feet and there we played until it was about up to their ankles. Then it was lunch time and I had some pictures to edit from the session the day before. A (my youngest) took a nap, M &K watched some tv and I did what I needed to get done.

But only for a little while ^_^

After A woke up, I gathered stuff for dinner, and out we headed to the pool again! The water was plenty higher than our previous play time! Adorned with floaties, bug spray and sun block, the kids took to the cold water (I played too and it wasn’t too cold… but certainly wasn’t warm). I started a fire in the pit and we waited for Daddy to get home. At which time, he told me my fire was pitiful and made us a perfectly wonderful fire to cook dinner over (such a great man). All the while, the water still ran, filling up the pool.

While the kids munched away on raw hot dogs (M calls them rotten.. lol it’s funny to hear him ask for a rotten hot dog lol), Hubby cooks us some delicious bbq pork chops. Our side dishes were most nutritious being cheese its and mini cookies! ^_^ (What!?! It’s a picnic in our back yard.. it doesn’t have to be nutritious all the time! lol)

To add to such a nice time, my mom and dad stopped by and shared dinner with us, followed b y my brother and his family to check out how the pool was coming along. It really turned out great! Plans got made for this weekend, laughs were shared and the kids enjoyed the pool.

For the past couple of years, we’ve had a larger pool, that M couldn’t touch the bottom of when the water level was full. Sure, it was fun, having a nice deep pool to splash around in, but there was no way the kids could play together unless one of the adults were in there with them. Yesterday, while I was right there near the pool at all times, I didn’t have to be in it. All the kids can touch (for now.. the water level isn’t full yet) but still swim around and go under. They could get in and out on their own (again… won’t happen as easily when the water level is full) and it was so nice for them to just be able to enjoy their pool.

The pool isn’t even full yet.. but I think it’s going to be better this year 🙂


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