12 years and days after

Our anniversary was nice ^_^ Our little “$3 gift game” went well! I got a beautiful wall-hanging butterfly and the Hubby got a 72oz mug (he drinks a lot at work so it was perfect). We ate some delicious fish for dinner, rented “Ted”, snuggled on the couch, went to bed late and slept in! It was great.

Sunday was supposed to be a family bbq, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. So, we just hung out at home with the kids. It’s funny how nice it was to have a night without them, but how much they were missed ^_^

When Monday rolled around, our actual anniversary, I nearly forgot! Between errands, meals, kids and cleaning… It was just a busy day.  I remembered enough to text Hubby a Happy Anniversary and a sweet little saying. Toward the end of the day, I remembered to post our wedding picture on Facebook, for all of those new friends ^_^ and fixed a tasty little meal for the family.

But what made our anniversary great, was my brother got a huge raise at work AND found a house for his family to rent! Then.. as if it was a day made for good news, my mom and dad found a great house to rent as well! A great way to spend our day ^_^

Yesterday, K had her tonsil and tubes check up. Needing to leave at 8am, to make the 2 hour trip to Columbia, we grabbed donuts for the road. We sang Walk Off The Earth songs and enjoyed the ride. Even shared it with my Sister-In-law and her daughter. After the ENT said K’s throat and tubes were perfect and she was free to have a great summer, we headed to Chuck E Cheese’s!

Thanks to the coupons I got off of the new Chuck E Cheese’s go-gurts, we got pizza and tokens and had a great time! While A did not like Chuck E. at all, K and M loved giving him hugs and high fives. The ride home was quieter as the kids were pooped out. We made it home right before Hubby got home and I cooked a light dinner. By the time it was time to eat, fatigue had kicked in and I barely had it in me to eat! My head started to hurt, I think it was lack of water, so I sat down, gave the kids to Hubby (lol) and drank a ton of water. Slowly I felt better. I decided to take a bath, and K comes in to show me, she lost another tooth! That’s #8! My poor toothless wonder 🙂

Bedtime wasn’t as easy and we would have liked, but soon the kids were asleep and I headed to bed myself. And BOY! Did I sleep! The kids came in this morning, and I could barely pull myself out of bed for breakfast. My back ached, along with a headache.. so I swallowed some breakfast, followed by Advil.

I got my morning chores done, finished my client’s picture cd, ran errands, then it was lunchtime. I treated the kids to McDonald’s, letting us eat inside, which the kids think in the coolest thing. It was nice to be with the kids, enjoying the small things in life ^_^

Made some bbq chicken sandwiches (with leftovers! OH YEAH) for dinner, took the kids for a quick swim in our pool, pick up my newest treasure. I even made money today (sold several unwanted items on our local Swap Shop)!

There have been ups and downs the last couple of days, but that’s what life is about. Making the most out of what God has given you. Embrace the bad, because without it, you wouldn’t find the good. ^_^

Here’s hoping you have greats days, among the rough.

With Love!


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