Do what makes you HAPPY


I wanted to tell you all about our wonderful Easter. 3 egg hunts, a lovely family BBQ hosted by my brother, spent a little Easter money (kids were lucky enough to get an egg with a few dollars in it from Grandparents). I had a nice little post prepared. Then, I started looking back at the blogs I had previously written. It makes me sad that I decided to stop blogging. I’m always so worried if people are actually reading it. If what I have to say really matters to anyone else. So, I let the doubt take over and I stopped.

I began to feel the need to blog again, because the truth is very simple – I love blogging. My first thought: “I need to start a Blog again”. This time, I didn’t just “start again”, but picked up the one I so willingly abandoned. And here we are. But why blog?  I love writing about the things that mean the most to me and sharing experiences. Whether they are read by someone or just sit there waiting for me to read again in the future, a way for me to look back on all the things I thought were important. And if my blog IS read, followed, liked or I receive a comment, there is a feeling I can’t describe.

I looked back, read the blogs I had written 2 years ago to discover how happy it made me to write here. I had 10 followers (from WordPress, more from Facebook) which may seem like nothing, but for me it’s amazing. I had said something meaningful enough for someone to follow my blog. I’m sorry I let you down. I’m sorry I was here one minute and gone the next. This is what happens when you lose faith in yourself. When what others think of you matters more to you than what makes YOU happy.. you’re going to miss out. It’s as easy as that.

For most of my teenage to adult life, this is how I lived. Always worried about how I looked to other people. Wanting to please others rather than myself. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it is not always good either. One day, it became clear to me. I like to believe that I just ended up hearing what God had been trying to tell me for a while – It’s not about them, it’s about me. Not being selfish or conceited in ANY way, by any means. I simply mean that if I like that t-shirt, it doesn’t matter if THEY like it or not. Don’t make decisions based on what others will think or react. Do what makes you happy ^_^

Have a great week! I’ll be back again soon!



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