Sick Day

AAAAAACCCHHHOOOOOOOO! Does anyone have a tissue?

I am so thankful that the kids had NO SCHOOL yesterday! With all the sniffles, coughs and nose-blowing going on in this house, it was sure needed! My son, M, coughed all last week, my oldest, K, started at the end of the week, my husband and I got it Sunday evening and little A got hers yesterday. While M was feeling better yesterday and K wasn’t too bad either, Mommy could hardly get out of bed. But there as mothering to be done, so I pulled myself out of my bed, taking my lovely purple, cozy comforter with me, wobbled through the kitchen, snagging the kids some breakfast along the way, then firmly planted myself on the couch. M took breakfast in his room, which is normally not allowed but if he was happy and content and fed.. I was ok with it! My girls snuggled on the couch with me for a while, until they decided their Kindles were more entertaining than Mommy’s shows.

Eventually, I did manage to pull my butt off the couch and make some real food (ok.. warmed up pizza, but that’s still REAL food!). I ended up back on my butt, this time in the recliner. The kids were content, bouncing between watching TV with Mommy and playing in their rooms. I was happy to watch Gilmore Girls (Thank You Netflix!) and drink water all day. Although my head was constantly reminding me of all my chores that weren’t getting done while I relaxed the day away, I never got any of it done. not one dish washed, not a sock put away. I fed the kids, made sure they weren’t destroying the house (or each other) and kept them happy.

When Daddy got home at 4pm, we were still in jammies, still watching Gilmore Girls and playing on Kindles. He gave his daily round of kisses, looked at me with sad eyes and apologized that I was sick. I told him I was sorry he came home to a slightly messy living room and a more than slightly messy kitchen. That wonderful man just smiled, kissed me, told me everything was okay, then made us all soup for dinner. WINNER WINNER WINNER! I snagged me a good one 😉

By the end of the night, poor Hubby was as sick as I was and went to bed early. I tucked the kiddos into bed, after reading, baths and teeth brushing then slipped back into the chair. It was nice to have that quiet time, even after a lazy, sick day. I finished my episode of Gilmore Girls then headed to bed.

It would have been great had this been the end of my night, but a massive headache and nasal congestion kept me up for several more hours. While waiting for the medicine to kick in, I watched more Gilmore Girls and snuggled with Hubby. So.. maybe the night didn’t end SO bad 😉



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