Lazy Day to finish the Weekend

Don’t you just love lazy days?

It’s always nice to take a day away from chores and the worries of every day life, just basking in the peacefulness of doing nothing. Ok, I don’t know that I should have said peaceful, I do have 3 kids! But it seems they enjoy the lazy days too, because they are a bit calmer on our lazy days, which makes for a peaceful day.

Luckily for me, I had all my “chores” done on Friday, we weren’t home all day Saturday, so I didn’t have a messy kitchen staring at me the whole day, which absolutely ruins a lazy day. I was able to enjoy the loveliness of the lazy day and even take a nap on the couch! The kids all took naps and Hubby just enjoyed his video games. Delightful!

To make a lazy day even better (hard to do!) Hubby made dinner! I got to play a little bit of Minecraft (yep.. we’re THOSE kind of people!) with K while he made a delish chicken dinner. After dinner, I got to play more with K until it was bedtime (which technically is right now, but since I’m blogging.. the kids are reading a little later than usual).

Now, I haven’t been in the kitchen to check out the damage made from this delish dinner, and I’m sure I don’t want to go in there. But, alas, it’s on the way to our bedroom, so I will see it and spend 20 minutes cleaning it up, which I guess I could do since I didn’t do anything else today. ^_^

Tomorrow I shall start the weekly routine of up at 6:30am, kids off to school by 7:50 then figuring out what to do with my day until A is home at 12:45pm, at which time the TV will have some Disney Jr or Nick Jr show playing while I blog or clean up.. something like that.

until we meet again…



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