Happy Sounds from the Kitchen

It’s not the sound of laundry tumbling in the dryer. Nor is it the dishwasher scrubbing all my dishes so that I don’t have to. Although these are all good sounds that come from my kitchen, I’m writing about the sweet sounds of my little Peanut (A) singing as she plays with her Kinect Sand ^_^

“Tomorrow there’ll be sun! Everyday I love ya tomorrow! You’re only away a-way!” The beautiful notes of a soon-to-be 4 year old soar through our small but cozy house as I search Facebook for any missed news on my feed, my mind looking for something exciting to blog about. I hear her small voice belting out this song that she’s heard but obviously doesn’t know all the correct words to sing and it makes me happy. And I want the world to feel this happiness, this sunshine that is shining so bright that it fills the whole house with its carefree spirit.

When any of my children sing, I smile. I don’t care if I can’t understand a word of it or if they are off key. It’s magical to me. I can’t find words to define the reason, but I don’t really feel like I have to. It’s not even a happiness, because even that wonderful word puts boundaries for what I’m feeling. I could sit and listen to them sing all day and be hoping for more when the day is over. I long to turn down the radio when they start belting out a song they know because I’d rather hear them sing it their own, special way. It was awesome to hear her singing, just her voice from whatever she can hear inside her head, thinking that no one else can hear her singing is the best.

Sometimes as parents, we want just a little quiet time. Time for ourselves and we all deserve that! Absolutely! But I just wanted to remind you all to listen during that quiet time. That’s where you can find those magic moments that you want to keep forever.



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