Busy Announcement

So many things are happening right now, with the end of the school year approaching! I’ve been so busy, that I can’t even think about blogging and for that I’m sorry! Please know that I’m just busy and not abandoning you all again!! ^_^

I’m wrapping up the Awana year next week and I am making books for all 9 students. It’s taking up quite a bit more time than I thought it was going to. Add that to the enormous printing, cutting, taping, gluing and planning of A’s 4th birthday party and I’m a swamped mess!!

End of the year things at school and dance class mixed with follow up DR appointments and I’m lost in life. So take this little blip of a blog post and know that I’m just busy busy!

When I have 2 seconds to think about something other than what else I have to finish/attend/plan, then I’ll give you a good blog. PROMISE!



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