Take a step back… Enjoy the View

While ranting a few years ago about how this house is too small for us and how I just hated this house, Hubby asked me “What happened to you loving this house?”. A question that I still hear very clearly, every time I get down about the house. He reminded me that I was ecstatic when we got approved and how proud I was to call myself a homeowner. What DID happen to that?

Being a homeowner, it’s easy to forget why you once loved your house. You wonder why you thought you just had to have this massive structure that you are now responsible for making sure doesn’t become condemned. My neighbor and I just discussed how you finish one project/repair and before you can even enjoy it, you’re already stressing about the next thing on the list. Add the fact that we don’t have a “nest egg” for emergencies (unless you call a Lowe’s credit card a smart “nest egg”) and now it’s more of a feeling of dread rather than excitement.

There are so many things that need done, whether it’s filling in nail holes to replacing the roof. Little or big, they all stack up and you can begin to feel overwhelmed. I know that I start to hate things when I get overwhelmed or feel I’m losing control. So finding small, cheap repairs helps me to feel like I’m not losing control.

The bathroom caulking was turning colors and the wall covering (is there a proper name for that plastic piece that covers the wall and hold shampoo???) needs replacing. I can’t replace the covering by myself and it’s not in the budget right now. However, caulking, I can do! So I put on some work clothes and scraped, cleaned and caulked that tub! Did it take care of the needing new covering? No. But seeing fresh, clean, bright white caulking made me feel better and I did it myself. I didn’t have to wait for a fix it man or find the money to do it. I borrowed my dad’s caulking and gun and went to town! (I’m not saying that it’s the prettiest caulking job, but it’s done ^_^)

I love going on to Pinterest to help find small things I can do in improve my home. Because that’s what I have… a home. It’s not just a massive (although.. 900 square feet isn’t necessarily massive lol) thing that I need to take care of. This is where the kids  have grown up. This is all they have known (We moved in when K was almost 3 and M was 6 months old. A was born here.. ok in the hospital but this is where we lived! lol). We have their heights on the kitchen wall. I have pictures of all the befores and all the afters of little things we have done to make this house our home.

Sometimes, you have to just take a step back and look at what you have. It may not be much, but it’s yours. Make it wonderful, anyway that you can… one step at a time ^_^



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