Take a step back… Enjoy the View

While ranting a few years ago about how this house is too small for us and how I just hated this house, Hubby asked me “What happened to you loving this house?”. A question that I still hear very clearly, every time I get down about the house. He reminded me that I was ecstatic when we got approved and how proud I was to call myself a homeowner. What DID happen to that?

Being a homeowner, it’s easy to forget why you once loved your house. You wonder why you thought you just had to have this massive structure that you are now responsible for making sure doesn’t become condemned. My neighbor and I just discussed how you finish one project/repair and before you can even enjoy it, you’re already stressing about the next thing on the list. Add the fact that we don’t have a “nest egg” for emergencies (unless you call a Lowe’s credit card a smart “nest egg”) and now it’s more of a feeling of dread rather than excitement.

There are so many things that need done, whether it’s filling in nail holes to replacing the roof. Little or big, they all stack up and you can begin to feel overwhelmed. I know that I start to hate things when I get overwhelmed or feel I’m losing control. So finding small, cheap repairs helps me to feel like I’m not losing control.

The bathroom caulking was turning colors and the wall covering (is there a proper name for that plastic piece that covers the wall and hold shampoo???) needs replacing. I can’t replace the covering by myself and it’s not in the budget right now. However, caulking, I can do! So I put on some work clothes and scraped, cleaned and caulked that tub! Did it take care of the needing new covering? No. But seeing fresh, clean, bright white caulking made me feel better and I did it myself. I didn’t have to wait for a fix it man or find the money to do it. I borrowed my dad’s caulking and gun and went to town! (I’m not saying that it’s the prettiest caulking job, but it’s done ^_^)

I love going on to Pinterest to help find small things I can do in improve my home. Because that’s what I have… a home. It’s not just a massive (although.. 900 square feet isn’t necessarily massive lol) thing that I need to take care of. This is where the kids  have grown up. This is all they have known (We moved in when K was almost 3 and M was 6 months old. A was born here.. ok in the hospital but this is where we lived! lol). We have their heights on the kitchen wall. I have pictures of all the befores and all the afters of little things we have done to make this house our home.

Sometimes, you have to just take a step back and look at what you have. It may not be much, but it’s yours. Make it wonderful, anyway that you can… one step at a time ^_^



Busy Announcement

So many things are happening right now, with the end of the school year approaching! I’ve been so busy, that I can’t even think about blogging and for that I’m sorry! Please know that I’m just busy and not abandoning you all again!! ^_^

I’m wrapping up the Awana year next week and I am making books for all 9 students. It’s taking up quite a bit more time than I thought it was going to. Add that to the enormous printing, cutting, taping, gluing and planning of A’s 4th birthday party and I’m a swamped mess!!

End of the year things at school and dance class mixed with follow up DR appointments and I’m lost in life. So take this little blip of a blog post and know that I’m just busy busy!

When I have 2 seconds to think about something other than what else I have to finish/attend/plan, then I’ll give you a good blog. PROMISE!


Happy Sounds from the Kitchen

It’s not the sound of laundry tumbling in the dryer. Nor is it the dishwasher scrubbing all my dishes so that I don’t have to. Although these are all good sounds that come from my kitchen, I’m writing about the sweet sounds of my little Peanut (A) singing as she plays with her Kinect Sand ^_^

“Tomorrow there’ll be sun! Everyday I love ya tomorrow! You’re only away a-way!” The beautiful notes of a soon-to-be 4 year old soar through our small but cozy house as I search Facebook for any missed news on my feed, my mind looking for something exciting to blog about. I hear her small voice belting out this song that she’s heard but obviously doesn’t know all the correct words to sing and it makes me happy. And I want the world to feel this happiness, this sunshine that is shining so bright that it fills the whole house with its carefree spirit.

When any of my children sing, I smile. I don’t care if I can’t understand a word of it or if they are off key. It’s magical to me. I can’t find words to define the reason, but I don’t really feel like I have to. It’s not even a happiness, because even that wonderful word puts boundaries for what I’m feeling. I could sit and listen to them sing all day and be hoping for more when the day is over. I long to turn down the radio when they start belting out a song they know because I’d rather hear them sing it their own, special way. It was awesome to hear her singing, just her voice from whatever she can hear inside her head, thinking that no one else can hear her singing is the best.

Sometimes as parents, we want just a little quiet time. Time for ourselves and we all deserve that! Absolutely! But I just wanted to remind you all to listen during that quiet time. That’s where you can find those magic moments that you want to keep forever.


The Glamorous Night Life

OK, that was a lie because last night was anything but glamorous. I’m certainly not glamorous after only 2 hours of sleep.

My son stayed home from school yesterday because he has had this bad cough. He started feeling better around 4pm, but his cough kicked in again last night around 11:45pm. I had only been asleep for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half before he woke me up coughing. I sat him up, gave him his inhaler and some cough meds. It took about 10 – 15 minutes to get his cough controlled then propped up to help him sleep better. By this time, I’m wide awake. I check on the girls, get a drink and hope that with a little Netflix, I’ll be able to fall back asleep. No such luck.

No matter what I did, I could not fall back to sleep. My back and head had started hurting so I took some pain meds and got the heating pad to help soothe my back. I figured that would help get me to sleep. Nope. I played on my Kindle, which is said to keep people awake, but I have fallen asleep plenty of times while playing in bed, but tonight was not one of those nights.

I tried music on, music off, TV show, movie, cuddled up to my hubby, on my back, on my stomach, on my sides – nothing. Then, A came into the bed. Well, with my back and head hurting, I wasn’t about to share my bed, so I laid her down in the toddler bed I keep in our room for this exact reason. Within an hour, she was back in my bed, so I carried her off to her bed. This happened 2 more times throughout the night.


Then it was 5am. My husband’s alarm is going to go off in 20 minutes. I just lay there, waiting for it to go off. When it does, I tell him that I haven’t slept all night so don’t expect much in the way of housework being done today, because I’m going to sleep as much as I can before A gets home from school. My plan was to send M to school with his inhaler because he seems fine until the night time. Again, not so much. He got up shortly after 6 to more coughing and this time he’s coughing stuff up… *UGH!* So, now he’s going to be home all day and I have to try my best to manage with the little sleep I acquired before 11:45pm and then the bit of sleep that finally came between 5:30 and 6am.

I’m stumbling like a drunken woman while trying to get the girls ready for school. My eyes feel puffy and are only half open and if I lean too much one way.. I literally start to fall over. I call my mom and tell her I may be requiring my dad’s assistance due to lack of sleep. I’m hoping that because M didn’t sleep well, he’ll take a nap easily today, which means MOM can get a nap in too.

So, to keep myself awake – and alert – while waiting for A’s school bus, I’m here, typing and yawning. As soon as she’s on the bus, I’ve got a hot date with my comforter and the recliner. *yawn*

Lazy Day to finish the Weekend

Don’t you just love lazy days?

It’s always nice to take a day away from chores and the worries of every day life, just basking in the peacefulness of doing nothing. Ok, I don’t know that I should have said peaceful, I do have 3 kids! But it seems they enjoy the lazy days too, because they are a bit calmer on our lazy days, which makes for a peaceful day.

Luckily for me, I had all my “chores” done on Friday, we weren’t home all day Saturday, so I didn’t have a messy kitchen staring at me the whole day, which absolutely ruins a lazy day. I was able to enjoy the loveliness of the lazy day and even take a nap on the couch! The kids all took naps and Hubby just enjoyed his video games. Delightful!

To make a lazy day even better (hard to do!) Hubby made dinner! I got to play a little bit of Minecraft (yep.. we’re THOSE kind of people!) with K while he made a delish chicken dinner. After dinner, I got to play more with K until it was bedtime (which technically is right now, but since I’m blogging.. the kids are reading a little later than usual).

Now, I haven’t been in the kitchen to check out the damage made from this delish dinner, and I’m sure I don’t want to go in there. But, alas, it’s on the way to our bedroom, so I will see it and spend 20 minutes cleaning it up, which I guess I could do since I didn’t do anything else today. ^_^

Tomorrow I shall start the weekly routine of up at 6:30am, kids off to school by 7:50 then figuring out what to do with my day until A is home at 12:45pm, at which time the TV will have some Disney Jr or Nick Jr show playing while I blog or clean up.. something like that.

until we meet again…


Sick Day

AAAAAACCCHHHOOOOOOOO! Does anyone have a tissue?

I am so thankful that the kids had NO SCHOOL yesterday! With all the sniffles, coughs and nose-blowing going on in this house, it was sure needed! My son, M, coughed all last week, my oldest, K, started at the end of the week, my husband and I got it Sunday evening and little A got hers yesterday. While M was feeling better yesterday and K wasn’t too bad either, Mommy could hardly get out of bed. But there as mothering to be done, so I pulled myself out of my bed, taking my lovely purple, cozy comforter with me, wobbled through the kitchen, snagging the kids some breakfast along the way, then firmly planted myself on the couch. M took breakfast in his room, which is normally not allowed but if he was happy and content and fed.. I was ok with it! My girls snuggled on the couch with me for a while, until they decided their Kindles were more entertaining than Mommy’s shows.

Eventually, I did manage to pull my butt off the couch and make some real food (ok.. warmed up pizza, but that’s still REAL food!). I ended up back on my butt, this time in the recliner. The kids were content, bouncing between watching TV with Mommy and playing in their rooms. I was happy to watch Gilmore Girls (Thank You Netflix!) and drink water all day. Although my head was constantly reminding me of all my chores that weren’t getting done while I relaxed the day away, I never got any of it done. not one dish washed, not a sock put away. I fed the kids, made sure they weren’t destroying the house (or each other) and kept them happy.

When Daddy got home at 4pm, we were still in jammies, still watching Gilmore Girls and playing on Kindles. He gave his daily round of kisses, looked at me with sad eyes and apologized that I was sick. I told him I was sorry he came home to a slightly messy living room and a more than slightly messy kitchen. That wonderful man just smiled, kissed me, told me everything was okay, then made us all soup for dinner. WINNER WINNER WINNER! I snagged me a good one 😉

By the end of the night, poor Hubby was as sick as I was and went to bed early. I tucked the kiddos into bed, after reading, baths and teeth brushing then slipped back into the chair. It was nice to have that quiet time, even after a lazy, sick day. I finished my episode of Gilmore Girls then headed to bed.

It would have been great had this been the end of my night, but a massive headache and nasal congestion kept me up for several more hours. While waiting for the medicine to kick in, I watched more Gilmore Girls and snuggled with Hubby. So.. maybe the night didn’t end SO bad 😉


Do what makes you HAPPY


I wanted to tell you all about our wonderful Easter. 3 egg hunts, a lovely family BBQ hosted by my brother, spent a little Easter money (kids were lucky enough to get an egg with a few dollars in it from Grandparents). I had a nice little post prepared. Then, I started looking back at the blogs I had previously written. It makes me sad that I decided to stop blogging. I’m always so worried if people are actually reading it. If what I have to say really matters to anyone else. So, I let the doubt take over and I stopped.

I began to feel the need to blog again, because the truth is very simple – I love blogging. My first thought: “I need to start a Blog again”. This time, I didn’t just “start again”, but picked up the one I so willingly abandoned. And here we are. But why blog?  I love writing about the things that mean the most to me and sharing experiences. Whether they are read by someone or just sit there waiting for me to read again in the future, a way for me to look back on all the things I thought were important. And if my blog IS read, followed, liked or I receive a comment, there is a feeling I can’t describe.

I looked back, read the blogs I had written 2 years ago to discover how happy it made me to write here. I had 10 followers (from WordPress, more from Facebook) which may seem like nothing, but for me it’s amazing. I had said something meaningful enough for someone to follow my blog. I’m sorry I let you down. I’m sorry I was here one minute and gone the next. This is what happens when you lose faith in yourself. When what others think of you matters more to you than what makes YOU happy.. you’re going to miss out. It’s as easy as that.

For most of my teenage to adult life, this is how I lived. Always worried about how I looked to other people. Wanting to please others rather than myself. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it is not always good either. One day, it became clear to me. I like to believe that I just ended up hearing what God had been trying to tell me for a while – It’s not about them, it’s about me. Not being selfish or conceited in ANY way, by any means. I simply mean that if I like that t-shirt, it doesn’t matter if THEY like it or not. Don’t make decisions based on what others will think or react. Do what makes you happy ^_^

Have a great week! I’ll be back again soon!


And what a life it’s been!

Hey There! I’m *A* and I’ve been away for 2 years!! YIKES!!

In case you are just finding this blog, I am a stay-at-home-mommy of 3 (2 girls and a boy) in a small town. I love Pinterest and finding ways to save money. I have a second blog called “Count Your Pennies” all about living low income and how to make the most of it!

In “This Mom’s Life” I just talk about life. I may give a little advice, share info or my opinions and insight on things, but mostly, I come here to let it out. A journal of sorts. My hope is that someone finds comfort in the posts and realizes that there are other Mom’s out there, ready to pull their hair out, but still so in love with their lives ^_^  That’s me! I got one hand in my hair and the other holding the hands of my little creations, gifts from God and loving (ALMOST) every minute ^_^

I promise to not be gone so long, so come back for the next blog!



Good Morning. Good: optional

My goodness!

Yep. That’s how this morning has been. I’ve only been awake for 2 hours.

My youngest, A, took a very late, very long nap last night. When I came to bed, she woke up. So for the next 2 hours, I was up and down with her. She’d crawl into my bed, I’d cuddle with her for a little while, let her fall back asleep and then carry her to her bed. Then Repeat.

She finally stayed in her bed and I got some sleep. Then, at 4:30 this morning, there she was, standing quietly beside my bed. Yeah.. I about had a heart attack, rolling over and there’s a little head (a cute little head, but still lol) waiting for me to wake up. And so my morning starts.

She laid down and watched a movie on my kindle for about 30 minutes, until she decided it was breakfast time. Tired Mommy stumbles to the kitchen and makes her some breakfast. I decide that this morning, my bed can be her breakfast table… I’m just too tired. But within minutes of my place my head on my pillow, Hubby’s alarm goes off. *SIGH* Maybe, just maybe, A will finish her breakfast and realize she’s tired and will fall asleep but I’m up and dressed after only a few short minutes. I suppose 5:30 in the morning is as good of time as any to do dishes and start laundry. Another sigh.

After potty time, breakfast clean up and cartoon searching, I’m pooped. My eyes are dropping and I’m sure it’s got to be around 8:30 by now (I have an appointment at 10 and errands to do before hand), but for some reason, the clock tells me that it’s only a few minutes after 6. Oh Boy… I sit down and have some breakfast. Maybe then I will wake up. But I don’t. I pull myself off the computer chair, away from Facebook (which of course had nothing to help me wake up lol) and into the kitchen. I start laundry, then do dishes. PHEW! Is it nap time yet? 6:30… UGH!

My oldest wakes up. We water the plants outside, take the puppy out to go potty, it starts raining (of course it does..). I cut up some apples for her breakfast. Now its 7:00. Oh.. my… gosh…

M (my son – middle child) is awake now. Morning, love. No response. He’s lazily staring at the tv. I go about putting the watering stuff away and he comes into the kitchen; now it’s his breakfast time. He wants donuts (the mini white kind). Ok, easy enough. I ask him to get dressed and I will have them ready for him. All of this sounds like it’s going well until:

M – “MOMMY! A is washing her hands when I wanted to wash mine!” he is nearly crying. Me – “It’s ok, just ask her to scoot over and you both can wash your hands.” M – “NO! She’s using my stool and I don’t want her to!” Me – “Ok, just ask her to use her stool, then you can have your stool back.” M – “NO! I don’t want to do anything with her!!!” and he crosses his arms and storms into his room. Me – “Ok, you can go back to bed.” I am barely managing not to bang my head onto my desk. M – “NO!” *SIGH* BIG HUGE SIGH

He gets dressed and eats, then starts whining again because A is trying to put on his watch. Then, gets mad when she yells at him for taking her watch. If I sigh anymore, I think I might run out of breathe and pass out. But I sigh again. (darn.. didn’t pass out lol)

I pour myself a glass of water, and head to the computer to blog about this wonderful morning. And here I am, at the end and my eyes keep shutting. I rub them open, yawn, sip water and tell myself to make it to nap time. Then K (my oldest) reminds me that the neighbor boy is coming over today to play and how excited they are that he’s coming to play.



My Wonderland (Full Version)

*The previous post was only a draft, that got posted by accident! This is the full post! Sorry for any confusion!*

That’s what I named my house on Facebook for “My Location”. My Wonderland. Not because when you are in my yard you see talking flowers, an unconventional tea party or a white rabbit in a waistcoat. But because it’s my wonderful place filled with the wonders of God.

Our back yard is full of kid toys. There’s a nice size pool (thanks to my parents!), a swing set (another gift from Grandparents!), a playhouse, mini trampoline and several other fun things. Then there’s the fire/bbq area, where we have a pop up canopy, a home made fire pit, a couple of tables and random chairs. It’s a fun place to be!

My front yard isn’t full of the “curb appeal” that I’d like, but I’m working on it. We are creating a small walking path and I’ve got several flowers in pots and lots of little yard ornaments to put in the “garden” spot that I’m working on. Just yesterday, Hubby bought me a flower box that holds a bird feeder ^_^.  There is also 3 kid bikes and a water table in the front yard, to add to the beauty LOL.

Then, there’s the inside. Completely full of toys, my clutter, computers, books, clothes, did I mention toys? Most days there are towels on the bathroom floor, a hamper of laundry to be put away on the kitchen floor, an empty sippy cup and cracker crumbs on the living room floor and screams can be heard throughout the entire house. Then, there’s LOVE. This, of course, is the most part to My Wonderland.

Love is what really fills my home. It’s all that matters. None of the clutter or messes make my heart fill and bring a smile to my face (actually, if we are being honest.. they all make me frown lol). The messes just mean we LIVE here. We LOVE here. I want my kids to have memories.. even if they are made when I should be putting laundry away, or vacuuming. When they go to bed at night, they don’t ask if those towels will be there tomorrow or if I will ever put the laundry away. They ask for hugs and kisses and if we can play again tomorrow.

So, as I slowly work on fitting the cleaning in with the playing and the playing in with the cleaning, I remind myself that THIS, my small home filled with many treasures but also messes, is a park, a pool, a restaurant, a movie theater, an arcade, The Wind West, an enchanted castle, a school AND a home, to my children. My Wonderland is their Wonderland, too.