Love Blossoms

Love Blossoms

My flowers and berries, make me happy. I can see the Lord’s hand in the world around me and the life I live. It makes me smile to know, it’s always right outside my door. Advertisements

12 years and days after

Our anniversary was nice ^_^ Our little “$3 gift game” went well! I got a beautiful wall-hanging butterfly and the Hubby got a 72oz mug (he drinks a lot at work so it was perfect). We ate some delicious fish for dinner, rented “Ted”, snuggled on the couch, went to bed late and slept in! It was great.

Sunday was supposed to be a family bbq, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. So, we just hung out at home with the kids. It’s funny how nice it was to have a night without them, but how much they were missed ^_^

When Monday rolled around, our actual anniversary, I nearly forgot! Between errands, meals, kids and cleaning… It was just a busy day.  I remembered enough to text Hubby a Happy Anniversary and a sweet little saying. Toward the end of the day, I remembered to post our wedding picture on Facebook, for all of those new friends ^_^ and fixed a tasty little meal for the family.

But what made our anniversary great, was my brother got a huge raise at work AND found a house for his family to rent! Then.. as if it was a day made for good news, my mom and dad found a great house to rent as well! A great way to spend our day ^_^

Yesterday, K had her tonsil and tubes check up. Needing to leave at 8am, to make the 2 hour trip to Columbia, we grabbed donuts for the road. We sang Walk Off The Earth songs and enjoyed the ride. Even shared it with my Sister-In-law and her daughter. After the ENT said K’s throat and tubes were perfect and she was free to have a great summer, we headed to Chuck E Cheese’s!

Thanks to the coupons I got off of the new Chuck E Cheese’s go-gurts, we got pizza and tokens and had a great time! While A did not like Chuck E. at all, K and M loved giving him hugs and high fives. The ride home was quieter as the kids were pooped out. We made it home right before Hubby got home and I cooked a light dinner. By the time it was time to eat, fatigue had kicked in and I barely had it in me to eat! My head started to hurt, I think it was lack of water, so I sat down, gave the kids to Hubby (lol) and drank a ton of water. Slowly I felt better. I decided to take a bath, and K comes in to show me, she lost another tooth! That’s #8! My poor toothless wonder 🙂

Bedtime wasn’t as easy and we would have liked, but soon the kids were asleep and I headed to bed myself. And BOY! Did I sleep! The kids came in this morning, and I could barely pull myself out of bed for breakfast. My back ached, along with a headache.. so I swallowed some breakfast, followed by Advil.

I got my morning chores done, finished my client’s picture cd, ran errands, then it was lunchtime. I treated the kids to McDonald’s, letting us eat inside, which the kids think in the coolest thing. It was nice to be with the kids, enjoying the small things in life ^_^

Made some bbq chicken sandwiches (with leftovers! OH YEAH) for dinner, took the kids for a quick swim in our pool, pick up my newest treasure. I even made money today (sold several unwanted items on our local Swap Shop)!

There have been ups and downs the last couple of days, but that’s what life is about. Making the most out of what God has given you. Embrace the bad, because without it, you wouldn’t find the good. ^_^

Here’s hoping you have greats days, among the rough.

With Love!


I know I haven’t blogged in a little bit, and this is my apology! Life gets busy, even in a small town LOL. I plan on updating BOTH of my blogs today! (Count Your Pennies is my other blog 🙂 Here is the link if you are interested )

So keep your eyes open for my next blog! Thanks for being patient! ^_^

Our Night Together

For my 30th birthday, there was only one thing I wanted: a night off. A night where its just me and my husband, either at home or we sneak away to a hotel and just enjoy time together, alone and wake up to birdsong not kidsong. So, my mom gave me just that. A night when I can drop the kids at Amma’s house (that’s what they call Grandma) and could pick them up the next afternoon. It was my choice as to when I use this “night off”

It’s not that I don’t love my kids, because I can’t explain how much I love them, but sometimes.. you just need a little time to be together, without them. (I will miss them the whole time lol)

Since out anniversary is Monday, I decided to use it tonight. We were thinking about getting a hotel and changing thing up a bit and having Amma and Papa stay the night at our house, instead of the kids getting dropped off. But due to prior arrangements and the fact that hotel + gas = too much for us to spend at this moment, we thought about camping. While the campsite fee is much cheaper than the hotel room, it would be extra gas and it’s supposed to be HOT today. Sweating to death at a campsite with no swimming area isn’t the way we want to spend our night off either.

So, after hours of discussion, Hubby and I decide to have a night off, IN. After our already planned activities, the kid will pack up and head over to Amma and Papa’s house, where they will no doubt get spoiled 🙂 Hubby and I will go have a nice, kid-free dinner, rent an “adult” movie (NOT X rated! just a movie that doesn’t have to be “kid friendly” lol) and come home and enjoy each other’s company in the comfort of our own home, where we can sleep in our own bed and stay up late or go to bed early.

To celebrate our 12 years of marriage, i thought up a fun little game, if that’s what you want to call it, instead of just buying each other something. We each only have $3 to spend. We need to find something “nice” to give to each other, with only the $3. The gift will be wrapped and have a card attached. On Sunday morning, we will give each other the gift. It’s just something a little different than we’ve done in the past and I think it sounds fun, too!


Fill ‘er Up!

Wednesday had been so nice outside, that I decided the pool had to go up. Only trouble was.. it was in the back on my van and I’m a weakling, so I couldn’t carry it around to the back yard. Frowny Face! So yesterday, I was determined! I am a full-grown woman! I don’t care how heavy it is, I will get this pool to the back and set it up!

I called my dad.

He came over and carried it to the back and together, we got it set up ^_^

Now, this isn’t just small bow up pool for the kids (obviously, I would have been able to carry that myself, I’m not that weak! lol). This is a 15ft round by 36in ceep pool for the whole family. So, I knew good and well that the pool would be filling up with water the whole day. In fact, it needs more water today! But that didn’t stop this momma!

The kids jumped in when it was barely over the tops of their feet and there we played until it was about up to their ankles. Then it was lunch time and I had some pictures to edit from the session the day before. A (my youngest) took a nap, M &K watched some tv and I did what I needed to get done.

But only for a little while ^_^

After A woke up, I gathered stuff for dinner, and out we headed to the pool again! The water was plenty higher than our previous play time! Adorned with floaties, bug spray and sun block, the kids took to the cold water (I played too and it wasn’t too cold… but certainly wasn’t warm). I started a fire in the pit and we waited for Daddy to get home. At which time, he told me my fire was pitiful and made us a perfectly wonderful fire to cook dinner over (such a great man). All the while, the water still ran, filling up the pool.

While the kids munched away on raw hot dogs (M calls them rotten.. lol it’s funny to hear him ask for a rotten hot dog lol), Hubby cooks us some delicious bbq pork chops. Our side dishes were most nutritious being cheese its and mini cookies! ^_^ (What!?! It’s a picnic in our back yard.. it doesn’t have to be nutritious all the time! lol)

To add to such a nice time, my mom and dad stopped by and shared dinner with us, followed b y my brother and his family to check out how the pool was coming along. It really turned out great! Plans got made for this weekend, laughs were shared and the kids enjoyed the pool.

For the past couple of years, we’ve had a larger pool, that M couldn’t touch the bottom of when the water level was full. Sure, it was fun, having a nice deep pool to splash around in, but there was no way the kids could play together unless one of the adults were in there with them. Yesterday, while I was right there near the pool at all times, I didn’t have to be in it. All the kids can touch (for now.. the water level isn’t full yet) but still swim around and go under. They could get in and out on their own (again… won’t happen as easily when the water level is full) and it was so nice for them to just be able to enjoy their pool.

The pool isn’t even full yet.. but I think it’s going to be better this year 🙂


I have decided to jump into the Twitter world! I’m not great at it yet, so bear with me.. but I’m working on it.

That way, if I have a little “blip” of info, or a random thought that I can’t write a whole blog about.. I will tweet it! (I hope it works out the way I see it in my head lol) If you follow me here.. follow me at Twitter!!

See ya there!

My Plate

We have been having a lot of problems getting our kids to eat. It seems they’d rather pick at their food and make a mess, rather than eat it. So, I talked to a nutritionist. She showed me the child’s My Plate. As it turns out.. the kids probably do eat what they are supposed to, because their serving sizes are really small! I felt bad immediately, because we have been giving them servings that are too big and wondering why they don’t eat! Right them Hubby and I decided to buy the Balanced Meal Plate we saw at Walmart.


These plates run $2.88 per plate at Walmart. I have checked online and they are not that easy to find. They are nice, sturdy plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher, top rack only.

My kids love them and so do I! It totally puts into perspective what they kids really need to eat, compared to what I thought they needed! It takes the guess work out of dinner time! It has helped immensely with the “not eating” problem, because it turns out, they were eating.. just the portions were too big so it looked like they weren’t.

I wanted to share this with you because I felt like a terrible parent for giving my kids too much food on their plates then getting mad because they didn’t eat it. And if there is anyone out there that feels the same way, I want you to know this simple trick that helped me NOT feel this way!! And if you don’t have the fund or can’t find a plate go to and you can print the plate out 🙂

I hope this helps any one who needs it!!

Summer Dreams

This year, I had a Kindergartener, a preschooler, and a not-in-school-yet ^_^ So, as we started to count down the days until Summer, I realized I was just as excited about summer starting as they were. This would be my first official Summer Break. (K was in preschool lat year, but she only went 4 days a week and was only gone 5 hours.. so it wasn’t the same.)

I would spend time on Pinterest, finding neat ideas for craft projects and outdoor activities. I had visions of the kids all playing out back, running about and splashing in the water table. Me, lounging in my new lounge chair with a book and some kool-aid, snapping pictures – making sure to capture the wonder of a first summer. Ahh, the summer dreams.

So far.. this has happened 1 time.

As luck would have it, the weather has been terrible. Storms and rainy days have invaded our summer vacay and left a muddy backyard and sopping toys the kids can’t play on. The pool we’ve had for 3 years now, had a hole in it, so we drained it to repair it. The weather hadn’t allowed us to repair it yet, when a big tree branch nearly fell on it. So, we had to move it to ensure it’s safety. In doing this, we decided that we would buy a smaller pool this year, something easier to take care of, with less maintenance and an easier set up. But the new pool hasn’t even made it out of the van, because there’s been more storm and rain.

I completely spaced that K would need her tonsils out, so we lost a week (so far) due to her recovery. And wouldn’t you know… the weather cleared up for the first 3 days of her recovery.. of course it would! K wasn’t feel too bad one day, so I set up a sprinkler and she was able to walk around in it. We washed the car and enjoyed the sunshine.

We haven’t been able to take our summer walks to the park or library. No bike rides, no all day picnics, no long drives to the lake, no backyard camp outs…

And my new lounger.. isn’t even comfortable 😦 *sigh*

I was so looking forward to these summer dreams… and as I sit here, blogging and staring blankly out my front window, I think maybe that’s all they are.. dreams. I know that there is still all of July and at least part of August, but the summer seems to be slipping away. I’m saddened by this. Sure, we’ve done a few indoor crafts, but the kids are antsy to get their summer fun going! Summer is meant to be spent outside! Not inside, where they had to spend the last 5 months because the weather in Missouri has been out of control this year.

I so desperately want to take the kids to the city pool (even though we have our own) because it’s an adventure for them. Isn’t adventures what summer is all about? When the kids go back to school, aren’t they supposed to tell about the wonderful adventures they had during summer? How can I give them those adventures when I live in the middle of nowhere, so traveling costs a fortune (and we are some poor folks) and the weather keeps us in the house?! UGGGGGGGGHHH!!

I’ve been working on doing my chores first thing in the morning, while the kids are eating breakfast and enjoying some cartoons, so that I have my whole day to adventure with them.. and now that it’s working and I’m doing good… there’s no adventures to be had..



When it gets rough

My oldest had her tonsils out on Monday.  I was worried and anxious for the surgery to be done and over with. I had my tonsils out when I was about her age and had a horrible experience, which made me afraid she was going to as well.

Surgery went fine (just as I was told it would) and she recovered well so we were on our way home within a couple hours.  It’s been tough the last few days because I hate seeing her in pain. She just sits around looking sleepy and hurting and it drives me mad. I just want to make her HER again. I know that I have to wait it out, but it’s rough.

To top off the roughness, my younger 2 kids are not understanding why it’s ok that Sissy eat ice cream and pudding all the time… and they can’t.  So they are a bit ornery. They are just young and don’t understand. So, this morning, after breakfast, I gave K (my oldest) ice cream. When A (my youngest) asked for some, I know what? Why not? So I gave her a little bowl to give to  M (my son) and a little bowl for her.

Sometimes, you just have to leave the norm behind and find what fits for your family. Giving the 3 younger kids ice cream after they had breakfast did nothing to hurt them, nor did the ice cream replace breakfast, so I went with it! The kids enjoyed eating ice cream while watching morning cartoons, and they didn’t complain the next time K got her ice cream. So for me.. it was a Win Win.

Of course on the days when K can’t play outside, or be left alone while I take the other kids out to play, the weather gets warm and sunny.  So this (late) morning, I put a blanket out on the front lawn  (freshly mowed by me ^_^ lol) and let K bring some books out and I played ball with M and K got to enjoy the breeze and sunshine. A had fallen asleep, so she was in her bed and we let the puppy run around for a little. It was nice, but soon K was just too tired and needed to go in. M didn’t complain at all, because he at least got to be outside for a little while.

Now, It’s K’s nap time and she is wanting her mommy. Even though it’s really rough right now, I enjoy being able to be there for her and hold her. I know one day.. she’ll be too old for me to curl up next to in my bed and rock her to sleep. Better enjoy this time, rough or easy.

Morning Success

Sorry Friends! I know it’s been almost a week (YIKES!) since my last post, but I have been busy, sick with allergies and just plain pooped out! So tonight, I’m playing catch up ^_^

A few weeks ago, I had a small, teeny-weeny break down to Hubby. I told him that I was feeling like a failure because every thing I start,I never finish. Losing Weight. Saving Money. Keeping a clean house. Making the changes in me I want to make. I always start off strong, fully confident, ready to take charge. And it lasts… a week, maybe 2, and then something happens, and it’s all out of control again. So, I couldn’t take it any longer. I cried it all out to Hubby.

He told me to start off small. 1 maybe 2 “goals” for a month. Make it a habit. Then, start on another one. I described to him the way I see my mornings going. Wake up with the kids. Breakfast at the table. Dishes while they eat. Cartoons for the kids, laundry for me. There you have it, the impossible for me. So, Hubby said Perfect! Start there! So I did.

It has been 2 weeks (tomorrow starts week 3) and I haven’t missed a day! Even today, when I woke up feeling sick and grumpy and Hubby let me “hid out” in the bedroom until 10am. I got up and did the dishes and started laundry. Yay me!

I love the feeling of knowing throughout the day those chores are done. Most of the time, I can just rinse the newly dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher, so at night I run it and in the morning, I just have to empty the dishwasher. And for the laundry, I will start a new load in the morning and then put the dry clothes away a little later. It’s working really well!

I feel so good when I tell Hubby “I did the routine today!” He gets so proud and that makes me feel even better. Plus, I have less to worry about during the day and more time and energy for the kiddos!

To add to the greatness, since I have the morning routine going, it’s easier for me to do some picking up through the day, because I haven’t spent all my energy just thinking about all the stuff I need to get done during the day. It’s all around a great thing! ^_^

Since my kitchen is nice and clean nearly all the time now, I’m more motivated to cook! I’ve started baking from scratch! I have been experimenting with flavors with dinner. Just the other night I made fish and chips. Hand breaded fish, hand cut potatoes. It was like someone else was cooking. I think the kids enjoy it and I know it makes me happier. Last night I made turkey meatballs and Hubby came up to me and asked “Whatcha making tonight?” With sincere interest and wonder. It made me incredibly happy because he didn’t just say “What’s for dinner?” or ask me how I was going to cook that, etc. I giggled and said “You’ll just have to wait and see” ^_^

Happy feels great ^_^